In order to allow access to all, the Museum of the History of Daily Life has made adjustments and obtained in November 2021 the Tourism and Handicap Label for mental handicap, hearing handicap, motor handicap, and visual handicap.

Label tourisme et handicap

At the museum’s reception desk you will find :

The Museum of the History of Daily Life is wheelchair accessible from the museum car park. A podotactile path allows visually impaired people to be guided to the reception area and the entrance to the permanent exhibition.

Accessibilité musée plan handicapé

Access to the Maison Mercier is via a staircase and a lift.

Accessibilité musée plan handicapé

Some electric wheelchairs cannot fit through all doorways. An adapted wheelchair is available. It is also possible to discover the Maison Mercier thanks to a compensatory video tour broadcast in the museum’s video room and available on the touch pad at the reception desk.